Wren Pharmaceutical Private Limited is a 1 year 10 months old Private Company incorporated on 08 Oct 2020. We are an National/International speciality pharmaceutical company, with a large presence in the National/International market.  we have built a strong pipeline of branded products for sale directly . The latest GMP norms were always adopted as a habit and culture. A qualified, experienced, continually updated and committed personnel base and our well maintained facilities has enabled us to achieve Quality. our Customer retention and satisfaction index speaks for our success so far. Continual improvement is our policy and the company has been adapting to current trends and requirements while adding newer approvals and opening newer markets for business. We, as wren pharmaceutical  Pvt. Ltd., committed to deliver pharmaceutical formulations that effectively benefit patients for their intended therapeutic purposes. In formulation, manufacture and marketing , we ensure use of right quality ingredients, care for proper packaging and comply with good practices.


To Help People Live Better: We Being a pharmaceutical  company  strongly believe  that business & responsibilities  go together. We have a  strong responsibilities and opportunity  to provide the best medicines for the patients whether they are among the poor and underprivileged or victim of natural disorder.


Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in India  by providing best quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.

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